Travel and local visits


1.-Arrive at the Mexico City International Airport called “Benito Juárez”. Go to immigration and then pick your luggage.


2.-Once you exit the doors from baggage claim, buy a taxi ticket at the counters of diverse taxi brands. Anyone is good. Tell you go to the ___ hotel at the south of the city, near Perisur Mall. It will cost around 17-20 US.


Almost everybody does NOT need a visa to enter México. To see the countries that do not need visa see:


and for the countries that need visa see:


The best way to enter is as a tourist (since you are not going to work, but are going to be delighted from “watching a music and mathematics spectacle”).


*There will be a visit and a concert from our Congress at the “Castillo de Chapultepec” on Wednesday evening, (28th of June, 2017) from 18:00 to 20:30 hrs.



*There is an interesting archeological site at “Cuicuilco”. It is a five-minute walk from Radisson Hotel at Perisur.


*The Congress takes place at Ciudad Universitaria which is another interesting place to visit


*Very near Ciudad Universitaria is “Museo de El Carmen”.  (Please open this address in a new window since the editor of this website does not allow to be opened in the same one for security reasons).